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The debut album from Firehouse was first released in 1990. Original pressings are hard to come by and it's a title from that era that has yet to see a vinyl reissue. It's a solid debut album which yielded many big hits including "Don't Treat Me Bad", "Love Of A Lifetime" and "All She Wrote". The album was a big hit for it's time, but original pressings are scarce because the era of the CD was in full swing by the time of it's release.

In this video, I share a recently released counterfeit / bootleg pressing of this album. It's a less expensive alternative to buying an original pressing. How does it sound? Is it worth the price? I'll answer these questions and more in the video but I want to hear from you. Do you have an original pressing? Have you purchased this bootleg? What are you opinions on the album overall? Leave a comment below!

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