5 Women Who Defined Or Redefined Their Bands With Lauren

We all have our favorite women who rock, but what about the women who took it a step further? The women who either started a band or joined it later, only to eventually becomes the driving force or most well known member?

Many women have accomplished this feat from the 60s through the mid 2000s. Lauren from the Beer'd Al Podcast steps into the channel today to share 5 women who did exactly that: defined, or in some cases, redefined their bands.

Sit in with Russ and Lauren as they discuss these 5 women and their impact on each band. Please make sure to drop a like on the video but more importantly, leave a comment! What do you think of Lauren's picks and the points they discussed? Who are some women that you think qualify but we didn't mention? Are there other topics you'd like to see Russ or Lauren cover? Make sure to drop a comment!

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