5 Solos from the 80s | Music Discussion

We're all familiar with the amazing work laid down on guitar in the 1980s, across all genres. There's a couple of names that usually come up first when discussiing guitar work from the 80s: Edward Van Halen and Randy Rhoads. They're work is rightfully mentioned with the reverence it deserves, but what about the rest of the decade.

In this video, Russ walks you through some excellent guitar solos you may have either forgotten about or never even thought of. Sit in with Russ and make sure to leave your thoughts. Do you love the solos he mentioned or do you need to go back and take another listen? What are some of your favorite solos from the decade? And yes, it's totally OK to mention Van Halen or Randy :) Drop a like on the video and a comment!

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