5 Solo Hidden Gems From Each Of The Beatles With Lauren | Music Discussion

John, Paul, George and Ringo. Otherwise known as The Fab Four and more commonly known as The Beatles. During their time together as a group, the created some of the most talked about, revered and enduring music of the rock era.

Each member of the group went on to varying degrees of success as solo acts. John Lennon and Paul McCartney might have the most well known solo hits but some would argue George Harrsion had an equal or greater solo run. Then there's Ringo Starr who not only had a successful solo career, but continues touring today with the revolving lineup in his All Starr Band.

In this video, Lauren sits down to share 5 solo cuts from each Beatle that are underrated or hidden gems.All 4 Beatles get their fair shake in this video and we're betting these are songs you either haven't heard or haven't heard in a long time.

As always, the comments are the most important part of these videos for us. Let Lauren know what you think of her picks and maybe share some of your picks with us!

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