Sept. 28, 2020

That's How They Getcha w/ Rob of the FD&S Podcast

That's How They Getcha w/ Rob of the FD&S Podcast

 From one hundred dollar cell phones to two hundred and fifty dollar concert tickets, sprinkle in pay by the package cable TV— Granddad always said  "That's how they getcha". This week we caught up with Rob of the Fat, Drunk, And Stupid Podcast to talk about music festivals. The good, the bad, the great, and the never again. We also discuss our current situation with virtual music festivals/concerts and the potential return of in-person music festivals. What will the musical future of festivals hold? Not even Dr. Fauci knows, and well he's a Doctor. We said f**k that and decided to get a second opinion so we asked Dr. Pepper, and he didn't know either—but he was able to quench our thirst (which might hold us over for a little while).

 Music News. Jammy Jams. And a damn good time.

 Ten dollar beers, and seven dollar bottles of water. That's how they getcha.

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