Nov. 9, 2020

Take Care w/ Brian Elmquist

Take Care w/ Brian Elmquist

 It's always refreshing when a musician takes a step back and realizes they have more to say than what their current offering might allow them to. Ahhh yes the side project, that's it—It's Kind of like having a mistress, except there is usually considerably less drama, though there are always exceptions (insert crazy side project band drama story here). It's even more refreshing when that side project unleashes something completely different than what you're used to hearing from that particular artist—and that's exactly what we get with Brian Elmquist and JOY CLUB. Better known for his role as singer/songwriter/guitarist and 1/3 of The Lone Bellow, Brian decided to try something different this time. 

 JOY CLUB is the collaborative musical effort of Brian and long time friend and producer Justin Glasco. JOY CLUB became the outlet for all things experimental when it came to the music that both Brian and Justin were accustomed to. But for Elmquist, it was about more than just experimenting with new sounds and ideas. JOY CLUB became a place to process the hardships, truths, and vulnerabilities that come with sobriety, which for Elmquist was something brand new, just like JOY CLUB

 We had the pleasure of catching up with Brian, whom we all consider to be a good friend to talk about all things JOY CLUB, the new EP, The Lone Bellow, sobriety, and how he's navigating the difficulties of being a creative during a pandemic. It's season two episode eleven of your favorite grocery store clerk's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!

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