April 13, 2020

Seeing Sounds

Seeing Sounds

 SHOW NOTE: This episode contains audio that is being recorded remotely and not in a studio setting. Please bear with us as we continue to find the best ways to bring you the highest quality audio experience our equipment will allow while we all wait for things to return to some state of normalcy and we are all able to record in the studio with one another again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

 Lucky number 13, and the tripod is BACK! Things got a little weird there for a sec, but we're all back together without having to be together. YAY! In this highly anticipated episode, we talk soundtracks, musicals, and the music we find most appealing in television shows. Music has a ton to do with what we like or dislike about our favorite movies or tv shows and most of us probably don't even realize it. There is little more appealing than a perfectly curated string of tunes to carry a film from good to great while you're shoving your face full of $20 popcorn. Pop in your special edition double-disc Titanic soundtrack and get ready for this one. LET'S GO!


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