Oct. 19, 2020

Runnin' Down A Dream w/ Will From The Limehouse Podcast

Runnin' Down A Dream w/ Will From The Limehouse Podcast

 It's not every day that someone refuses to pay sixty or even one hundred dollars to see one of America's greatest musical treasures, but sometimes mistakes are made and in return—lessons are learned. Tom Petty (with and without The Heartbreakers) is synonymous with Americana as we know it. From scaring the s#!t out of us with his extra creepy music videos when we were kids, to us all coming of age together with his monstrous hit "Free Fallin'". If Tom Petty wasn't a part of some sort of your life growing up, did you ever really even listen to music bro? This week we finally caught up with our mate Will from The Limehouse Podcast to talk all things Tom, all things Petty, and all things Heartbreaker. We heard he fancied himself some Petty so we thought who better to have on an episode all about Tom Petty. We had a bloody fu$%in' riot of a time, and you will too whether you like it or not. It's season two, episode eight of your favorite Brit's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!

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