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Great discussions with interesting opinions by people with great taste. It's a great podcast for all music fans!!

knowledgeable hosts, funny banter, interesting topics, good insights. If you're looking for a music industry discussion, this is a good one to pick up.

This podcast is great! you feel like you are sitting around the music room, and shooting the breeze with the cast. The flow is really natural, the topics are great, it really makes you want to go and find new music and share with your buddies.

Hooray! Best music podcast around.

What a great podcast. Russ and the gang are very insightful. Their knowledge of music far surpasses my own. I love to hear their banter and recommendations. If your not listening do yourself a favor and street right now...

This is a very enjoyable podcast with an interesting crew. I enjoy that they talk about music and share thoughts and feelings on all different genres of music. As well as giving informative information and personal reviews and experiences of all styles of music. I also like discovering new music by listening to these 3 hosts talk about artists they've come across. If you're looking for a show that discusses music and all aspects of it, without vilifying you for having a different taste in music than they do, then this is the program you should be listening to. I finally found a reason to look forward to Mondays.

Music Lovers Wanted!

If you have been looking for a a great music podcast? Where real people, from various backgrounds, love music, and then come together to share that love with the world. Then you have found your new podcast. Real talk about music with no hidden agendas and no limits. Subscribe and listen to this podcast you will not be sorry you did.


Love this podcast! The hosts are fun and knowledgeable, the topics are relatable, and they keep the conversation moving. I like the new format with different segments for the news and jammykams. I especially enjoy Michelle’s input, it’s fun hearing everyone’s different perspectives.

Good debut; needs tension and a voice

Review after 6 episodes. The hosts have a genuine rapport which makes the podcast entertaining to listen to, something like pulling up a chair to a group of engaging and knowledgable friends, although serious music lovers would perhaps prefer a format that is less free-form and a bit more substantive. The running time is appreciably shorter than many podcasts however can limit the show’s ability to organically discuss a given topic and eventually drive down into something more incisive. It could also perhaps use a stronger overall voice. I’d prefer an impassioned plea of a given album or band each week than a predetermined topic. And I certainly wouldn’t mind it running long one week and shorter another based on the quality of the conversation. Right now, it’s more “music culture” than a pure nuts-and-bolts music podcast. The podcast is young but whether the direction becomes more refined and structured or more freeform as it marches towards maturity, you’d like to see some continued evolution as it grows.

Conversational, Informative, and Fun!

Fantastic podcast! Whether music is a passion, hobby, or just something in the background, this podcast has something fof you. Accessible, fun, informative and I'll be damned if you don't find yourself participating in the conversation instead of merely listening. I would recommend this show to anyone who has ever heard a song in their life.

Infectious Groove Podcast =

The only music podcast you’ll ever need.

Love it

Great podcast Keep em’ coming!

Interesting and entertaining!

The hosts are really knowledgeable and I love the choice of topics so far. Definitely recommend!


Great music podcast