Infectious Groove Podcast

The perfect group of people, great discussion

I love this show. As a life long music nerd this is exactly what I need in a podcast. Russ, Kyle and Michelle are 3 very different music minds, and that’s just right. Coming from 3 different tastes it gives you a real feel for the material on their album reviews, and different perspectives on the discussions they do. Russ’ depth of knowledge keeps everything grounded and I learn something every episode. Kyle comes in with the diversity and gives me a glimpse of music I would otherwise not really hear about. Michelle, though she’ll try to fool you, knows quite a bit about the artists she’s passionate about. This show keeps you laughing and opens your eyes to great music. Thank you guys for making my commute bearable every week. Keep the show coming and the music spinning.
Ryan Fought

Sept. 21, 2021 by RyanFought on Apple Podcasts

Infectious Groove Podcast