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super funny and on point

this is a really cool podcast the episode about music snobbery really spoke to me I have an eclectic taste in music but I am a 100% snob when it comes to hip hop and ANY music that came out in the 90's ( i mean literally anything hip hop country r&b, rock and roll, metal it doesn't matter) but hey …

Required Listening for Music Fans

I’m normally not a huge listener to music podcasts - don’t get me wrong - I love music and think people should all around listen to more of it. The problem is, unlike some other mediums, music is such an incredibly personal thing to people. When people start talking music, certain things become abu…

One of the best!

This is one of the best music podcasts out there. Russ and Co. all give really great insight (and humor) during each episode and have interviewed some very prolific names in the industry. P.S. I love that Russ’ love for Pink Floyd knows no bounds. Do yourself a solid and subscribe 😎

One of the Best!

I love music, and so do these three! This show hits you every week with a great talking point, some of the best banter between hosts, and a well-produced sound. It's become a must-listen on my rotations, and I know that if you give it a go, it'll be your favorite music show. Keep up the good work, …

Such a fun show!

Knowledgeable hosts that have fantastic chemistry together! Honestly the hour long shows aren’t enough. It truly went by way too quickly. Which also just means I have to go back through their backlog and catch up! A fun show with hosts who know what they are talking about! - Game For A Movie

Great chemistry!

Chemistry is the main ingredient in a successful podcast and Infectious Groove has it in spades. The three hosts have an easygoing rapport and manage to riff on each other while staying on topic (another important element in a successful podcast). It’s all about the music in this show and I love …

The Seattle Sound

Coming from the Pacific Northwest I loved the episode on grunge music. It was awesome. All these Washington Bands deserve some love. I also wanted to mention on the best singers to come out of the state, Bing Crosby was from Spokane, Wa. Different style, but amazing voice. Thanks guys.

Infectious Podcast about Music!

I recently discovered this podcast discussing all things music. I am impressed at how easily their passion and knowledge flows out. The hosts are engaging while also being very funny. Their episode on Van Halen tugged at my heart strings and also made me want to relisten to some old VH albums. …

Good debut S1; maturing nicely in S2

The podcast is hitting its stride in the second season. The team meshes together better and the interviews and more free-form topic episodes provide variety in tone and content. The interviews are consistently awesome and the host shows a deep knowledge of and appreciation for both the interviewee…

“That’s How They” Got Me!

I learn so much from your episodes! Your passion for all things music is Infectious!

A Podcast for Music Fans, by Music Fans

If you want a podcast where you feel like you’re sitting in a basement, talking music with your friends, this is it!

Fun to listen to

I had fun listening to this podcast. I am normally a true crime junkie or a scary story junkie so I’m glad I found this podcast to break up the murder to ghost monotony lol a great mental cleanser and I learn something new each episode lol also love the chemistry, looking forward to listening to mo…


So happy I found this podcast. The hosts of the show vibe well and keep it upbeat and fun to listen to. If you’re a music fan, you have to subscribe this! That was the fastest hour of my life. It was really amazing!

Great podcast

This is one of the best music podcasts I’ve heard. The show is full of great in depth information, tons of interesting facts, and just a chill vibe. The hosts are funny, very knowledgeable, and easy to listen to. It’s definitely a new favorite for me. Check it out for yourself 👍👍

Well done pod

First off spider = end of the world. That’s known throughout the music community. Secondly, I love the in-depth conversation you all have. I can’t wait for more of second two.

Great Work

In depth, with a variety of music. Charismatic, which makes for an easy listen.

Awesome podcast

These guys know what they're doing and are very knowledgeable of their subject. They're funny, witty, informative, and dedicated to giving you the best of the best. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @mindbloomyou

Why Isn’t This On The Radio?

If you love music, which everyone does, then you should subscribe. The host have unbelievable chemistry and bring a wealth of musical knowledge and concert experience to the podcast. And what’s really awesome is with each episode they create a playlist of songs they’ve chosen for you to jam to whil…

Great music podcast!

I love this show and am so glad I found it! Fun segments, great audio, interesting guests...all the things that make for a good listen. Am definitely subscribing and putting it into rotation! Keep up the good work!


I could talk music with these hosts four hours. I particularly like how they blend their musical tastes and personalities with solid music knowledge. Definitely a show to listen to.

Take a listen!

Great music podcast that you need to hear to believe! The hosts have great energy & really know their music. Solid content, banter & conversation...PLUS music! What else could you want? Start downloading already - #ODPH

We all love music

These fellow Michiganders take look at almost all kinds of music, from classics to modern. Very knowledgeable and pleasant hosts talk about their favorites, what’s new and what was once new, from popular to obscure.

Podcast rhythm is gonna get you!

I listen to a ton of music and I really appreciate the discussion here. The hosts have great rapport and rhythm, upbeat energy, and fun banter. If you’re into music at all, definitely subscribe and check this one out! Dillon @ FtM

Fun lesson

These guys are very knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time. -Dadnarok podcast

What a journey through all music

These guys cover everything and anything music. The host are very charming. you can’t NOT like these guys!!!!!

love it

music is a huge part of our lives. so it was nice to listen to one that covers more than just one style. also Thiller has to take the whole thing...right?? SUBSCRIBED!!

Excellent energy...excellent podcast!

This podcast has great energy and rapport between the hosts, and you can tell they enjoy what they do. Musically informed, fun, entertaining; really everything you would want to keep you engaged. Great podcast!

Lovely energy

This podcast is FUN. The chemistry and the jokes between hosts makes me want to keep listening and they are super consistent about putting out new content. Love their approach to music and the variety of directions they take with it. Best music podcast I’ve come across so far

Best Music Podcast!

Absolutely phenomenal chemistry amongst the hosts. Great knowledge of music from all around. Only music podcast you’ll ever need. Highly Recommend!!

Infectious Energy Podcast

Really enjoy this show! The hosts are music lovers without being pretentious. Reminds me of my friends and I hanging out and talking about our different favorites. Keep it up!

Music Lovers Wanted!

If you have been looking for a a great music podcast? Where real people, from various backgrounds, love music, and then come together to share that love with the world. Then you have found your new podcast. Real talk about music with no hidden agendas and no limits. Subscribe and listen to this…


Love this podcast! The hosts are fun and knowledgeable, the topics are relatable, and they keep the conversation moving. I like the new format with different segments for the news and jammykams. I especially enjoy Michelle’s input, it’s fun hearing everyone’s different perspectives.

Good debut; needs tension and a voice

Review after 6 episodes. The hosts have a genuine rapport which makes the podcast entertaining to listen to, something like pulling up a chair to a group of engaging and knowledgable friends, although serious music lovers would perhaps prefer a format that is less free-form and a bit more substant…

Conversational, Informative, and Fun!

Fantastic podcast! Whether music is a passion, hobby, or just something in the background, this podcast has something fof you. Accessible, fun, informative and I'll be damned if you don't find yourself participating in the conversation instead of merely listening. I would recommend this show to any…

Infectious Groove Podcast =

The only music podcast you’ll ever need.

Love it

Great podcast Keep em’ coming!

Interesting and entertaining!

The hosts are really knowledgeable and I love the choice of topics so far. Definitely recommend!


Great music podcast