Feb. 10, 2020

Initial Impact

Making it alllllll the way to Episode 4 meant we had to celebrate the only way we knew how—by cracking open a nice tall can of FO…

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Feb. 3, 2020

Our Lips Are Sealed

Weeeeeeeee'rrrrrreeee Baaaaaaaaaaack! Episode 3 is a fun one. Wait, is he even singing? It's something at one time or another we …

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Jan. 26, 2020

Opening Act

Whoa! We made it to episode 2. Who would have thought? In this week's episode, we discuss our first concerts and talk about some …

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Jan. 20, 2020

Side A, Song 1 - Pilot

Our First run at creating our brand new Infectious Groove Podcast. Introductions to us, some great songs and a little bit about w…

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