June 15, 2020

All About The Visuals Baby w/ Royal

All About The Visuals Baby w/ Royal

Disclaimer: When sitting down to record this episode, we all thought Michelle had seen way more music videos than she has. What you're hearing now, is what ensued next. 

 You look left, you look right, and then down at your hand. You look back up and sweat begins to bead on your brow. This time you're not taking your eyes off of the purveyor of carded wealth. You look back down at your hand as the sweat moves further down your face. "HIT ME!", you say nervously as the card makes its way in front of you. You look down, you've done it...IT'S EPISODE 21 AND WE'RE BACK. This week we're talking music videos. The history, the importance, some of our favorites, and so much more. We also had the chance to catch up with Eric Zayne— frontman for the LA-based rock band ROYAL. You won't believe this guy's story. You just got BLACKJACK and this episode is everything but a BUST. So put your money where your mouth is and LET'S GO!

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