Infectious Groove Podcast

Infectious Groove Podcast

We love music. You love music. Let's talk about it. From current events, crazy show stories, what we're currently listening to and anything else that is on our minds—there may even be a special guest on to answer all of your burning questions. LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL! 313-364-9899

The only way to know is to tune in weekly and find out.

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July 4, 2022

The Age Old Rockle Debacle

This argument seems to be as old as time (or at least as old as "Rock" music), and well if you're as old as time, maybe it's your…

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June 27, 2022

IGP Crew Album Review: Amigo The Devil - Everything Is Fine

We've come around once again to one of our favorite segments of the podcast, where we let you the listener choose an album, any a…

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June 20, 2022

IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Hurt

It's not often that you come across a song that seemingly transcends time and space when performed by two different artists. It's…

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June 13, 2022

Truth Runs Marathons - The Michael Jackson Special

**SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT** This episode is a special solo effort from Russ being released on June13th for a very specifc reason. A…

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June 6, 2022

Suns Out Buns Out

Well now that spring has sprung and we've moved on to 85-degree temps with 70% humidity, things are starting to stick to one anot…

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May 30, 2022

IGP Crew Album Review: INXS - Kick

Season 6 is rolling and we're back with another one of our famous or well if you're Michelle, "infamous" album reviews. This week…

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About the Hosts

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After getting his hands on an Elvis record and falling in love with music at the age of three, there was no turning back. That spark grew into a full-blown musical fire that is still burning today. Russ has managed music blogs and forums for years through which he's established close relationships with people around the world. Fast forward to today where Russ wanted to pay what he has received from music forward—and with that Infectious Groove Podcast was born.

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Being exposed to the likes of Elvis, Garth Brooks, Pink Floyd, and Metallica among many others at a young age helped kickstart Kyle's love for different genres of music. Kyle eventually happened upon rap/hip-hop, r&b, and heavy metal which served as the catalyst to what he describes as an "eclectic taste in tunes". Eventually, Kyle decided he wanted to combine his love for music and film, so he enrolled in film school where he hoped to leave with the skills needed to launch a career directing music videos. As the decline in the popularity of music videos loomed overhead, he decided to pivot and move into shooting photos of musicians, models, etc.—and well let's be honest, Kyle will shoot a photo of just about anything if you ask him nicely.

Michelle a.k.a No Chance In Hell Profile Photo

Michelle a.k.a No Chance In Hell

Michelle's affinity for music started how most of ours did, at an early age listening to acts such as The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, and ZZ Top. From there her passion for music grew and broadened and she seemingly couldn't get ahold of enough new music. She even learned to play an instrument and was a part of her Highschool band. Moving through what she calls her "angsty teenage years" she found herself turning to Emo and Pop Punk to get herself through. After her first concert (Good Charlotte) she found herself enthralled with live music—eventually becoming one of her favorite things to do with her free time. Today her musical interests range from Classic Rock, Folk/Americana, to Rap, and everything in between. She is always on the hunt for new "Jammy Jams" and hates being told what to do.


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